So this girl is my "friend" (Im not friendly at all. im not gonna lie, i hate talking to people and im not good a communicating) and she follows me everywhere in school. I've been working outside in the hallway alone, then all of a sudden she comes out with her books and a smile and says "The TeaCheR ToLd Me To SiT OuT HeRE :D" I new that was a lie because threw the door's "window" i saw her ask. Shes starting to annoy me a lot now and I want to tell her to stop following me, because we aren't friends, I hardly know her! She follows me in gym, follows me in the hallways, tells me stupid gossip that I hate, sits next to me and shoves my books over and then says "hi :3". Im super annoyed about it soo please help mee. I want info on how to tell her "leave me be" in a nice way.