It is, I suppose, possible that she has both and just doesn't want to talk about them, but we live together and I've never seen her do anything except work for university or hang out with me, and I've never heard her talk to anyone on the phone except her own mother. When we have time off of university, she clings to me 24/7, and gets upset whenever I want to pursue my own hobbies (I write novels and essays, read books, am an amateur programmer and graphics designer, and like to learn languages).

I've started to feel recently that I'm not accomplishing anything that's important or enjoyable to me anymore, because I need to spend every spare moment with her to keep her from feeling neglected. I've tried to find her things she enjoys, I've tried to get her interested in painting and writing and reading and crafting and anything else she shows mild interest in, but all she's ever done is uni work, or watch TV, which she doesn't really like. She doesn't have any friends, either, and never goes out or leaves the appartment unless she has to go to class. Worse still, when we're alone together she never takes initiative and never seems inclined to do anything but sit around and do nothing. I love her, but I can't see the relationship continuing like this. How can I get her to find some hobbies or some friends of her own, so she isn't devoting all her time and energy to me, and so I can have some guiltfree time to do whatever it is I'm interested in?