...eating hard food, it took her over 5 months to actually eat hard food and I had to feed her cat replacement milk in a bowl till she did. She’s been nonstop scratching her neck and biting her tail and it has got to the point of a little blood, It could possibly be fleas but I looked up Purina and I read some reviews and I’m thinking it’s the food. For a day or 2 now, she has had orange like diarrhea also, I just want an opinion on it/// Besides that when she was a kitten (old enough to run around) she had a problem with her eye, at first I figured it’s her 3rd eyelid (if that is true I’m not sure) it was just glossy looking, then about 2 weeks later it was pink like and bulging out and we kept it clean and for awhile now it has like a clear overcoat but I can barely see her eye, and she’s not blind in it, so I have no clue, IF ANYBODY DOES READ THIS thank you so much and i appreciate any feedback on this.