Greatly appreciated if you read.

So there is this girl, ive known her for a 2 months now. first week ive known her i asked her out and she said, "no im sorry :(". and at that moment she asked me do you walk home? so i said yeah. and i have been walking her home for the past month. and i make her laugh alot. then she dropped out of school , she didnt need to do her last credit (shes in grade 13). The third time i walked her home, she approached and gave me a hug. then days went buy same routine, and she left school.. then we started texting, and i asked her if she wants to hang out sometime, she said she is busy, and i was understanding, and i told her whatever your comfortable with, the day that is best for you. so yesterday i got a text, saying "do you wanna hangout tomorrow?", which is today.. We hung out, took her to starbucks, paid her drink, sat on the table had a nice chat without stopping, made her laugh hysterically at one time. then we walked after, and she told me wanna sit by the lake. So we went there, and sat on the bench, and i was trying to put my arm around her by saying look at that goose, she hit my hand and smiled. Then her mom called (perfect timing -.-), she had to go home. so i walked her home because its dark, walked her home, made her laugh, and then when i dropped her at her house, hugged her, and went in or the cheek and kissed her. and she said "no" in a baby voice with a smile, and she said "sorry" with a smile too. Then i told her i had a great night , and we said bye.
First, thanks for reading this far... my question is does she like me?, i think the signs are clear, but im just not sure. i also didnt get the kissing part, was she shy?, kind of embarrassed? .i mean, she laughs alot with me, today was amazing, we did not stop talking for 3 hours straight. but when it came to the lake and kiss on the cheek part, i got confused. And before i kissed her she said we should hang out again sometime. anyways what do you guys think? is she taking it slow? give me your opinion on this situation..

Thank you so much , greatly appreciated.