... it’s a found family trope where this group has come to earth from another world and they’ve spent thousands of years here. At one point a conflict occurs and the characters split up and pretty much there’s a large time skip before they meet up again. Anyway so two characters, I’ll just call them i and r, aren’t exactly dating or anything but they have a romantic plot line (just for clarification i goes by she/her and r goes by he/him). Pretty much, when the group fights and splits up, i and r also have a separate fight where it’s more r being angry and taking it out on i by insulting/accidentally bringing up i’s past trauma (dw he normally the sweetest and feels awful the second the words leave his mouth, I ain’t writing any toxic romance here) and she pretty much leaves without a word because she thought he wanted her too. Now here’s where I’m stuck. Once the teams starts getting back together, I can’t decide which of the two scenarios I want to happen. #1 is when they find i first and ask for her help to find r but she refuses because she doesn’t know where he is and doesn’t think he wants to see her again but then eventually they find him and when he sees her again, he asks to talk and hugs her before apologizing profusely. #2 is where they find r first and ask for his help to find i but when they do find her, she’s angry and is holding a grudge against r and the rest of the team to the point where she’s physically fighting r (they all have powers btw so it’s not like anyone would get seriously injured but it expresses how angry she is with him) but then they build back their relationship, however that scenario would take a lot more time and I’m not sure how to write it out while still keeping focus on the main plot, both in a short amount of time. Also just for context, i hate r as well as the rest of the team when they first met too but he eventually grew on her and they became the closest out of anyone in the group, that’s why everyone expects them to know where each other is. R however is a social butterfly so it’s really the grumpy, secluded, traumatized cat x the outgoing, flirty, sociable golden retriever. Also r controls fire, heat and has semi-super strength while i can harness weather, control wind, etc.

so ya I’d just love anyone’s opinion on this cause idk which to do or if I should just scrape both and think of something new