... and it doesn't hurt at all. And I mean there is no pain in the slightest. But what does hurt just a tiny bit is there is some swolleness on my like cheek area like on the inside but you can't tell at all, I can just feel it and it's been this way for almost a month now. It really only hurts when I push on where that spot is on the outside of my cheek. Also I feel like I should add it constantly touching the area with my tongue so I'm really not giving it time to "heal". But the reason I'm saying all this is because I'm wondering if this is life endangering because I have no insurance and I can't do anything about it for about another month. And I've been googling which isn't a good idea I know but all I keep reading is about how it could be an infection and spread to my brain and I will die. I have to come up with 307$ to even get seen by a dentist in my town and I just can't do that right now. Please tell me I'm going to be okay. Might I also add I'm a hypochondriac and I have anxiety