In the episode where a guy picks a fight with Michael in the Marquis pub but then backs off when he realises Mike's a Peaky Blinder...John and Arthur return to the pub and burn it down, stealing the money from the till and giving the landlord a punch too. However...they also beat up and douse the guy who initiated the fight, in petrol.
Question is...was this character killed? Afterwards CI Campbell only refers to the pub "being burned down" not anyone dying and as he was looking for any excuse to arrest the gang it seems odd that this would have slipped by. Also to burn someone alive for showing disrespect isn't in line with how the gang were/ are portrayed. There is also no further reference to the incident AND it jars with the portrayal of Arthur and John as they are reluctant and even sometimes ashamed to kill people yet have no problem slashing or beating other men up.
Is this an editing issue or did I miss something?
My theory is that they frightened the guy and let him go. As it is also appears to be Jeremiah (the priest) holding the guy down as the flames race towards him the whole thing seems bizarre.