... firm as a highway engineer. You have won a tender to design a road connecting Nyamirambo and Nyanza, throughout the design you meet two successive tangent grades that need to be connected. The first grade was +2.7% and the second grade was -1.5%. After the analysis you realized that the length of the required curve to connect the grades is 350m. Furthermore, you realized that the P.I will be at station 1+500 and with elevation as 1500m. Your team leader wants you to show him the curve elevations at 25m interval (every 25m) showing full stations. The team leader wants to get your results in tabular form illustrating the columns for stations, tangent elevations and curve elevations starting from the BVC up to EVC of the curve. (10 Marks)
b) Furthermore, your team leader wants also you to show him the plotted profile for the curve data in a).