Yesterday evening, when leaving the parking garage at work, I took a corner too tightly and sideswiped my car against a cement support pillar. I didn't even stop really because it did not feel like it was hard enough to do any real damage to the five foot thick pillar, it was 10pm, I was tired. I just thought"Ehh, I'll deal with it in the morning."

Let me be clear: there was no one else in the vehicle with me, I did not hit another person or another car--only scraped mine against a giant, 5-foot thick cement support pillar (leaving only a few skid marks on it). It honestly didn't even really feel like a collision.

I woke up the next day and looked at my car for the first time in daylight.

Its bad. Like, way over $1000.00 of damage to my car, I think. I live in CA, so I should have called the cops immediately, and would have, had I known how bad it truly was.

What do I do? When do I call them? How do I explain? Is this a hit-and-run? Will I be arrested? Help.