1. What is your full name (for the reference) and nationality?
2. How well-versed are you with Vietnam’s history?
3. Are rice paintings common in Vietnam?
4. Do rice paintings help boost Vietnam’s amount of tourists each year?
5. Do rice paintings affect Vietnam’s economy in terms of costs, decorations and history?
6. Are they well- respected due to their connection with the past? Or are they considered as just something people in the olden day do? Have they now been replaced with a more modern style painting?
7. Is rice paintings recorded in Vietnam’s history?
8. When did rice paintings first created?
9. Non la, meaning leaf hat is a well known icon of Vietnam. Why? Does it represent something?
10. Is the techniques and skills used to make rice paintings passed down from older generations? Have you ever learnt it?
11. What are your opinions on rice paintings? Do you like them?
12. Do you prefer a natural looking rice painting or one with bright vivid colours?
13. Do the colours used in rice paintings have a meaning?