My horse 5-6 years old has been running the barrel pattern for about a year now. When I first got her she was a bucket who didn't know much. But now over time and me learning we both are a great team. She use to be in a stall 12 hours a day then out for the rest. We then moved to a all the time open pasture and she aboustely loved it! She acted even better over where she was then in the open pasture 24/7. Due to the owner passing away we were forced to move quickly back to a different place, back into a stall 12 hours a day. Her behavior changed,
Most likely to being in a stall, but dramatically. She pins her ears now when going into a trot or canter. Getting her to run the barrel pattern is a very hard task now and days. She will trot it just fine with ears semi pinned, but she refuses to canter. As I ask her to go into the gate to line up she will stop and refuse to move until we turn around. My question is, why is she refusing to run the barrels? When I use leg pressure she also stops and pins her ears. I don't use and crops or whips and I'm concerned from her safety. We think she may have ulcers but we won't know for sure until the vet comes out for another month, being as she is on vacation. Am I being to hard with my leg pressure? (I don't kick) and if so why is she acting this way towards my leg pressure?
Thanks hope someone can help me out, and hope someone can learn from the answer.(Note: she ran the barrels just fine in the open pasture board place) what can I do to fix this?