Okay so i dont know if i had the worst of luck today but to begin i had made a right turn into a two way street while the light quickly went from green to yellow to red in a matter of seconds(seemed like it to me) and in that change i took a right went drove into thw street and while most of my car( except probably my back tires) where in the intersection i tried to make it across but midway the light turned red and i don't know if i should be worried about being fined seeing as i was in the intersection and had to cross. And i feel worried as i was able to see the camera with the red light for about 2 seconds(felt like seconds due to the fact that everything happened so fast) before i made it across the intersection. And after that i was making another right while the light turned red and having me and a truck which was in front of me in the intersection. At that moment there was no way i could advance so it was only right to finish crossing the intersection while there was a red light seeing as i wasn't the only car that was in it. Any ideas of what future fines may occur or hopefully not occure