I am looking into making a scavenger hunt for my boyfriend's birthday. I just can't wrap my head around making riddles. Anyway, here is what I want the clues to be.

1. I want him to wake up with a note (Not a clue) on his night stand saying Happy Birthday, no need to hurry, take a shower, have a coffee and the game will begin.

2. The first clue will be in the couch at his spot.

3. The second clue will be in his toolbox.

4. The third will be in his mancave.

5. The fourth under the deck.

6. The fifth in his wallet.

7. The sixth clue I want him to call his co-worker/friend Scott.

8. The seventh I want Scott to tell him to go into his truck. (My boyfriend picks up Scott for work every morning)

9. The eight will be at my parent's place, my dad will have it.

10. The ninth will be in our bedroom with all his presents.