Well me and my boyfriend decided it was time. We've been with each other a year in October. We were going on a family holiday with his parents and brothers so it seemed ideal. We used Durex Extra Safe condoms, they are slightly thicker, along with that he withdrew his penis before he came. We had sex twice, we changed the condoms don't worry. The first time we did it I was on top (the girl) but the second time we tried numerous positions like Missionary Sex Position, Doggy style, Side wards ect, Even though we stuck to the rules I am still worried about getting pregnant, really worried. I also had got my period last Monday, it was gone Saturday and we did it on Sunday, what does that mean would I be in ovulation? I still have 3 more weeks to wait and see if I get my period which I can't handle. Maybe I wasn't ready yet, or is it human to be worried? A bit of reassurance would be great but the facts are what's important. I would be very graceful to hear all opinions. Anything will do! or any tips on the next time? Ohhh and I'm fourteen..