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Im am a 37 year old male with Acid Reflux and Barrets and alcohol dependency. Whenever theres a?

... night I do not drink, i cannot sleep. I sleep on my side and everytime im about to fall asleep, i jump up gasping for air. It feels as though ...

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I have had reflux for my life. 30 times a day No hemroid or ulcer. Don't know what to do anymore?

Ever since I was born I had reflux of some sort. I went through several surgeries and had an upper endoscopy done. There was no sign of a hemorrhoid ...

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Someone told us that noni would help our dogs acid reflux and his skin?

We have a noni tree. If that is true how much fresh noni would be helpful since it is not concentrated in a pill form. Thank you! Summer

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Is it possible to loose your memory at age 19?

I've currently been unwell for several weeks now with acid reflux and costochrongitus. i've been taking medication for it for about a month ...

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Does alcohol evaporate out of a sauce when dried?

Does alcohol evaporate if it dries on a surface. I work in a kitchen that serves alcohol uncooked. I have severe ocd and I feel like the alcohol is ...

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Although in most patients with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease gasric acid secretion is normal.?

... Why are drugs like the proton pump inhibitors and the H2 – receptor antagonists ,which are gastric acid secretion inhibitors ,are used?

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If someone is accused of selling alcohol to minors can they be arrested? No evidence provided?

Minors were caught drinking alcohol on the beach. One of the minors parents are very upset and are accusing one of the other minors brother of ...

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How to calculate the liquor % of each jar?

I put about 4L of juices, ect... into a pot. I then added 2 cups of 40% alcohol & 5 cups of 45% alcohol into the pot. Then seperated them into ...

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Alcohol causea extream salivation?

Hello, I'm 23 taking no medications. I rarely drink [Monthly, socially] and have had a persistent problem with drinking 'hard alcohol' ...

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How long does it take for alcohol to leave your body?

Let's say you would have 3-4 shots of 37.5 % alcohol, how long before your body eliminates all traces of it and your alcohol level reaches zero?

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