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What are some good sci-fi/fantasy books for teens?

I really like reading sci-fi and fantasy books, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good sci-fi/fantasy books. I like the Harry Potter ...

Posted 3+ months 3 answers

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What is the most popular,famous and interesting novel in your country?

Hello. I'm a high school student in Japan. I love Harry Potter so much. I've read it more than 10 times. Harry Potter is very good,but ...

Posted 3+ months 2 answers

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What are cute Harry Potter gifts for couples?

So my boyfriend and I really love Harry Potter, and we both ship drarry, and our anniversary is coming up and I want to get him a gift that's ...

Posted 3+ months 1 answer 1 star

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Harry Potter translations?

My first language is not English and I refined it by reading Harry Potter several times. I heard that J.K.Rowling put a lot of effort to find ...

Posted 3+ months 0 answers

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Okay I'm a teen girl looking for some new books to read?

Okay i'm a teen girl looking for some new books to read. I liked harry potter, the hunger games, twilight,marita conlon mckenna's books but ...

Posted 3+ months 19 answers

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What curse does Harry Potter's son Albus S. Potter have and why?

In JK Rowling's newest book Harry Potter and the cursed child.

Posted 3+ months 4 answers

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What is the title of this harry potter fanfiction?

What is the hp fanfiction where harry and draco are together and in one of the chapters draco screws up and to make it up to harry allows himself to ...

Posted 3+ months 2 answers

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How much money do I bring to The wizarding world of Harry Potter in Hollywood?

I am going to the Harry Potter section of universal studios in Hollywood in one week but I don't know how much money to bring. I LOVE Harry ...

Posted 3+ months 0 answers

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Some of the Harry Potter dvds have a cardboard sleeve , where can I find H Potter 2&3 with sleeve?

Just need to find and purchase Harry Potter Prisoner of as Caban and goblet of fire DVD with this cardboard sleeve on them ...

Posted 3+ months 0 answers

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What book to read?

So I have read all the books I want to read, but I don't know what to read next. I am into books like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The ...

Posted 3+ months 6 answers

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What Harry Potter fanfic involves the horsemen?

I'm looking for a specific fan fiction story about the horsemen. Harry potter is female. I believe (harry) is justice or conquest? shes going to ...

Posted 3+ months 1 answer

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