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What is friendsbook?

What is friendsbook? Actually I heard this name in a show "Crime patrol" where a girl's fake Id was created in friendsbook. I thought ...

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Help plz?

hai i am a 20yr old girl i hav a bf from 8months.but all my friends say he is just using me and all he says is fake. i thought of just taking a ...

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Is getting a tattoo going to affect my polygraph test?

I have a polygraph test in Newark, NJ for Customs & Border Patrol Officer this Tuesday (June 27). I am getting a tattoo on my back Monday (June ...

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Guns and Neighborhood watch?

I have purchased a Bushmaster M4 A2 assault rifle and I have bought rubber rounds for it. Can I use it to patrol my neighborhood at night? We have ...

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What is your position with the thousands of illegal immigrants in Texas?

Personally I am shocked that the president wants to grant amnesty for these illegals. Our border patrol agents have been reduced to changing diapers ...

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What charges does someone face for pulling a knife on me?

A man whom I had met over an internet dating website, had met up with me in a public parking lot, he used a fake profile picture, fake name and fake ...

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Will wearing hair extensions in highschool make me fake?

I just recently bought hair extensions and there not real human hair its fake hair but it looks real and the coular is the same as my natural hair ...

Posted 3+ months 4 answers

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