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I love my cousin but I'm afraid to tell her !!?

hey guys .. i'm 17 years old and i love my cousin .. she's 17 too .. i love her so much and i'm sad that i'm afraid to tell her ...

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If you have a cousin on your dads side and a cousin on your mom's side, does that make the cousin on

the dad side the cousin of the cousin on the moms side? [Sorry, it cut off my question]

Posted 3+ months 2 answers

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Bought 5 month old puppy from cousin. Puppy seems sad and sleeps a lot. Is this a normal behavior?

5 month old puppy was bought from cousin.. Since having her here, she has slept and barely played with us. She will go into another room and sleep on ...

Posted 3+ months 5 answers

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Ok I like/love this guy but Im afraid to tell him I like/love him everytime he ask ... What should i

... do?? Im just afraid ... Everytime i say no he get really sad and say he hate me and he never want to see my face again ... But everytime thAt ...

Posted 3+ months 4 answers

Related support groups: face, love, hate, again, guys, afraid, sad, guy

Im afraid my girlfriend might get raped by her 18 year old cousin, what should I do?

... cousin will rape her, what should i do?

Posted 3+ months 4 answers

Related support groups: girlfriend, year, cousin, rape, afraid, old, years

Need help going to N.C./S.C. in a week and my 2nd cousin has a crush on me?

I have known for a while my 2nd cousin has liked me last year on easter I went to his younger brothers b-day party and I have another cousin who I ...

Posted 3+ months 3 answers

Related support groups: cousin, 2nd, help, crush, relationship

Family breaking apart?

So a while ago my sister either left a voicemail or a text message on my cousin's phone. I guess it sounded threating but my sister never meant ...

Posted 3+ months 1 answer 1 star

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Cousin called me babe on whatsapp, how to respond?

So I messaged my cousin on whatsapp, just saying hi. He then responded with hi, babe what you doing? With a kissy face emoticon. He is my 2nd cousin ...

Posted 3+ months 2 answers

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I did it with my cousin.. Im only 14 and he is 42.... can I be pregnant...?

okkkkkk, so I kindaaaaa had S-E-X-! with my cousin and my TOM(Time of the month) is late.... It was fun but, i keep throwing up. He's my second ...

Posted 3+ months 3 answers

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What is my second cousin's cousin by marriage to me?

So I was trying to figure out how he is related to me. I know it's by marriage, but what is he to me? Is he my third cousin or something else?

Posted 3+ months 1 answer

Related support groups: marriage, cousin, second cousin

I had my DNA tested by the "My Heritage" people and got a match. The match explanation was: "1st?

... cousin twice removed - 5th cousin". I am aware of what a 1st cousin, twice removed is but have no idea of what they mean by the end of the ...

Posted 3+ months 2 answers

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