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just curious, if you could would you vote yes for equal marriage rights? (social experiment) p.s please no hate!

Posted 3+ months 27 answers

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Vote Impact Peoples' Life?

Four years ago was the first time I decided to vote, since then my status get changed and seems like there no posibility for me to find a job, so my ...

Posted 3+ months 1 answer

Related support groups: life, vote, job, status, first time

The US Constitution of 1787 made the following rules about who could vote?

A. It left it to the States B. Only rich white males could vote C. Only white males with an annual income of $50 could vote D. Only educated ...

Posted 3+ months 3 answers

Related support groups: white, state, left, vote, rich, constitution, rule, rules, government, political science

Do the people of a state get to vote/choose who is in their states politcal party??

I'm curious how the voting system works. I know that the president isnt the only important figure in the us. The people need to vote for their ...

Posted 3+ months 0 answers

Related support groups: work, people, state, party, vote, figure, president, curious, system, voting

Sick of politics?

i hate elections now. no matter what i do i can't avoid those stupid campaigns. even when i manage to avoid them online or when i'm ...

Posted 3+ months 2 answers

Related support groups: watching, election, hate, online, campaign, sick, stupid, politics, matter, tv

Inequality question PLEASE ANSWER?

How to graph 15-5x less than or equal to 0 and 5x + 6 is greater than or equal to -14 its an and problem. I got x is greater than or equal to -4 and ...

Posted 3+ months 1 answer

Related support groups: problem, question, graph, greater, equal, answer, math, mathematics

What type of person is Citizen C? It would be better if all 3 citizens are answered as well?

Citizen A: This person would wait long lines under the heat of the sun, and do just about anything just to vote for the election. Citizen B: This ...

Posted 3+ months 0 answers

Related support groups: heat, person, line, vote, election, wait, under, citizen, type, sun

I convinced my husband to switch to pipe smoking instead of cigarettes. Did I make a mistake?

First, I want to tell you that this is a gay marriage. We got married the day the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage but we have been together for ...

Posted 3+ months 0 answers

Related support groups: smoking, marriage, gay, cigarette, pipe, husband, together

What do you think about Universal Basic Income (or Unconditional Income) going mainstream?

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding Universal Basic Income, also called Unconditional Income, as means of replacing social services ...

Posted 3+ months 1 answer

Related support groups: social, service, discussion, social services, experiment

Is everyone selfish? (Social Experiment)?

Are you selfish? Yes or no, please. social experiment!

Posted 3+ months 1 answer

Related support groups: social, experiment

How do I divorce an Indian citizen?

I am a Canadian citizen who traveled to India to have an arranged marriage with somebody who I thought was of the same religion following as me. Our ...

Posted 3+ months 0 answers 1 star

Related support groups: india, marriage, religion, indian, canadian, thought, citizen, divorce

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