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Hi I order stuff on tilly's on friday and it free shipping and its fedex smartpost so how long?

... will it take to get the stuff because i need it by monday night for my trip

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Expedited shipping on a Saturday .... when will it be here ?

if I order something on a Saturday around 12:00am with expedited one day shipping, will it be here Monday or Tuesday?

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On Black Friday should I buy it in store or order online?

I have never bought anything on Black Friday thats why I'm asking this. This Black Friday I am planning on buying a Xbox One. Originally I was ...

Posted 3+ months 2 answers

Related support groups: store, buying, bought, planning, online, friday, order, xbox, black friday, xbox one

I am flying tomorrow to visit my grandchild. Have a cold. She is 31/2 months. Cold started Friday?

... this is Monday. Wondering if I should cancel my trip! Thoughts?

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Related support groups: cold, flying, trip, monday, thought, friday, visit, tomorrow, grandchild, month, wondering

Item on eBay?

An item on eBay which is 3-6 business days if i order today will it be arriving to my country next week Monday my address is US but it's ...

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Related support groups: country, week, monday, order, arriving, shipping, today, ebay, days, day

How to make a relationship work between an early bird and a night owl?

I've been dating my boyfriend now for 1 year and 4 months, he's a night owl and likes to stay up to 3,4, sometimes 5 A.M. and then sleep ...

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Wisdom Teeth Help?

I got my wisdom teeth taken out this passed Monday. It is now Friday night. Everything seems okay but one thing. I have a huge flap of skin on my ...

Posted 3+ months 1 answer

Related support groups: night, monday, teeth, huge, skin, wisdom, friday, passed, everything, wisdom teeth

I missed 3 days of birth control, do I need Emergency Contraception?

So today is Monday. I take my pills at night but I forgot to take my pills since Friday. So I missed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday’s pills. I ...

Posted 3+ months 1 answer

Related support groups: emergency, forgot, birth control, contraception, pill

What does"pick up shipping costs" mean?

In this words: "Once we get the final list I'll send you a PayPal invoice. For a group purchase like yours will pick up shipping ...

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Related support groups: group, pick, cost, shipping, word, paypal, ebay

Is there anyway to pay less shipping costs? (from US to UK)?

... less? On Etsy I added lots of affordable clothes that I wanted but the shipping prices are £180. Is there any way I can pay less because ...

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