I need help in choosing a security camera. I’m finding the industry very confusing, very difficult to compare camera’s and software for playback, I'm not even sure how to compare systems, and every company seems to claim they have the best.

I know nothing about this and seeking help in deciding which camera is best for our situation.
If you are the incorrect person to contact, could you please direct me to the proper person or company?

I think this is what I’m looking for…
1. Looking for a clear picture to cover a driveway and able to zoom in and read a license plate. Someone keeps hitting our car and I would like to catch them.
I’m guessing 20-30 feet
2. Day and night vision… also low light vision
3. Wireless with a chargeable battery, maybe USB charging or something
4. Able to view on PC computer, tablet and phone.
5. Motion activated and record
6. Alerts when an event is happening
7. No monthly subscriptions
8. DIY install
9. Able to copy recording and send it to authorities
10. Long intervals before loop recording happens
11. Of course, low cost/price
12. Exterior camera, able to withstand northern winter conditions
13. Quality built and last a long time
14. Tying into our highspeed network shouldn’t be a problem…wireless please
15. The smaller the better
16. Audio a plus but not necessary
17. Able to add cameras in the future
18. Easy to install and use software

Please let me know if I’m on the right track.

Thank you for your time,