Hi - I was recently speeding 22 over the speed limit in a 35mph zone. The reason for this is because I had just heard that my fiancé had committed suicide. Yes, I'm being serious. This was the real reason. I was rushing to get to his home and honestly, the speed limit wasn't something I was thinking about AT ALL. A cop pulled me over, saw my tears and the 100 snot tissues in my car, I told him why I was speeding, and instead of giving me a "reckless driving" ticket (which I technically should have gotten since I was 22 over the limit), he gave me just a regular speeding ticket. My court date is in December, and I've thought about just paying the fine - but I don't want this on my record - I don't want my insurance to go up. This is my very first speeding ticket and I usually never speed.

Despite me being guilty, do you think I should dispute the ticket in court because of the circumstances? I've been through a lot recently .. I'm wondering if I could at least get out of this..