I am in a great tension and depression. I am passing through indecision and astraddle. I passed my class 12 in year 2013 and i decided to give 1 year drop for preparation for engineering entrance in government engineering colleges. But, i could not qualify for the entrance. So the next i decided to continue my education by studing B.Sc. in physics honours. But i was somewhat fearing of studing with physics honours because it has a vast course but i always wished to study with physics only and i dreamt my career with physics only. But, during my councelling in the college i got a bit nervous and to my bad luck i got chemistry as my honours subject as they told me that they will change my honours to physics within 1 month. But when i reported there, i was said that there is no seat left. So, i have to study chemisty but i was very unhappy. I couldnot concerntrate in my studies and my result was very bad. I explained my father and he suggested me to take readmission in physics honours. So gurudev, i took admission in physics but i was not at all ready to loss my another valuable year. So, i again took admission in chemistry. Now, i am in great dilemma that what should i do? Should we change our aim with time? Should i continue with chemistry or go with physics? I know that sir, chemistry is also a very good subject and after studing 1 year somewhat i started liking it also. But when i liked physics and somewhat started liking chemistry also will it be good to go with chemistry and work in full devotion though physics is my favorite subject? I will be grateful if you reply as soon as possible because tomorrow is my exam form submission and i have to choose any one. I have not attended any college classes of any subjects till 2 month in confusion which should i do? I will be eagerly waiting for your reply. Can i do good with chemistry.