I live on my own and my best friend is just down the street. I do have some health issues, but I don't think they're serious, at least I hope not. Lately, I've been having some very severe pain come up into my throat. I can feel it coming, so I act immediately with cold water, ant-acid. etc. The attacks are lasting more frequently now to the point where I get scared. My friend has said to me a number of times that if I had to go to hospital, just to call an ambulance, then call her. She never went into details, i.e. she would get in her car & come to my place; meet up with me at the hospital. Last night I had a bad attack. I was talking with her b/f., told him about what happened, & he in turn told my friend. Apparently, she got a little quiet, & he asked her if she was worried. She said.."no, I'm seeing her tomorrow anyway". That somewhat surprised me. She never called last night, nor have I heard from her so far this morning, & it's now 10.06AM.
Yes, we are due to meet up at 1pm,but I'm disappointed at her cavalier attitude.
I'm of the mindset now not to call her if I need to go to hospital. What would be the point? Does she truly care?..I wonder.
So again, my question is...should I now not bother with phoning her?