I'm a full time college student and just VERY recently got a part time job at an ice cream place. I got the job ( in spite of my parent's wishes) because I felt lazy just relying on them for money. The job isn't hard or anything but it does take up my entire weekend and some weekdays resulting in zero rest or reduced homework time. I never work with anyone and close alone and don't always feel real safe but my managers are super nice, some people make me a little uncomfortable though. However, I'm really stressing out about it, way more than anyone in their right mind should, for I have an anxiety disorder and am prone to panic attacks and just recently started treatment, so I know I'm making a bigger deal about this than necessary but it still keeps me up at night. I don't know if I'm more concerned about disappointing someone (me, the staff??) and how I would even go about quitting because I literally just started, but I just don't feel like one should be stressing out this much about a small part-time job that I don't intend to ever even put on my resume.
Am I just being weak? I have to leave in a couple months for the summer anyway, which I have naturally yet to mention but I'm just scared this will really interfere with my mental health and the rest of my semester.