The phrasing is poor. I apologize. I placed an order on April 4th for a Louis Vuitton bag $219, thinking it was a good price for the "real deal." I should have done more research because now I find out that the price is too low for a real LV. Also, LV only allows e-Bay and E-luxury to sell their products. My issue is , SIFU Trade ALS SHENZHEN CN is the name that comes up on my bank statement that debited the money. When I inquired as to where my order is, they asked me the name of the website as to where I placed the order. I had no idea. But if they debited my account, wouldn't you think they would have that info? I have yet to get the order and was wondering if it takes a LONG time to get the product or if they are not legit. I don't want the product anymore since I know it is a fake. I went ahead and ordered from the LV website, so I know I am getting the real thing.