Ok, so here it goes. I once went to the ER(like4 months ago) because I thought I was having a stroke, I didn't have insurance so the bill hit me deep in my pockets. One week ago I drank alcohol and got drunk, woke up the next day, threw up a couple of times. I threw up a little bit of blood but that was from the back of my mouth that was cut up. Ever since then my liver has been hurting, it feels inflamed and I feel bloated 24/7. When I eat it hurts so I try to eat small meals and drink water when I'm not full. I rarely drink so I don't why this is happening, I did take two 300mgs of aspirin a day to prevent another so called "stroke" from ever occurring. I don't have health insurance and I don't know what to do. Can anyone help? Am I going to die? I swear I wish I could take this all back :'(