... old looks at you and asks if an all black school means ONLY BLACK KIDS CAN GO THERE and you answer yes, only to have that question followed by "is there an all white school or an all Mexican school?" And if your black with a white mom and a black dad, can you still go to an all black school?
These are real questions, from real kids to real parents.
My head goes straight to just the mere idea of having an all white school. I KNOW!!! The idea is unthinkable!
I feel like I could go to jail for even repeating the notion-
So while black lives do matter, How do we explain to our kids how we can have dating sites called "where black people meet black people", and all black schools- that an all white school or a "where white people meet white people" dating site would have you jailed?
How do you explain to them that a white man cannot be as proud as a black man? Or that a Mexican man cannot be as proud as a black man?
I just feel like while everybody is marching around saying black lives matter, were teaching our kids that we aren't equal. We're showing our kids one thing, while telling them another.
There has to be a solution to the madness.
I do not see color in people.
I am white.
My oldest child has a white mother & a white father. She is blond hair with blue eyes. My younger 3 have a white mother & a Hispanic father. They look Hispanic and they speak Spanish.
I raised them to love each other all the same.
My oldest child had all the same things my younger children had. Same foods, same bed time, same chores, same schools, same hand me downs...it was all the same. We didn't have a different ANYTHING. Only a different dad.
I don't expect answers, because there really isn't any. I just thought I should bring this to light, as I cannot be the only patent faced with these questions. It's very hard to explain to our children how to be proud, no matter what color they are...and it's very hard to explain that we are all 'equal' when in reality, we aren't