Hi, I joined a new soccer team this year and I have been playing as a Left/Right Back (as I have played this position since I started playing). However, I don't enjoy this position as I believe, I am not good with positioning and I have no composure. Another player has been taking my position and I understand she is better positioned then me, she challenges well and she is relaxed. I have been on the bench if we have 11.

However, lately we have had 11 and with no subs coach must play me on the field. He has been playing me as a winger in the past two games. I played wing last year and did very well however, I was in a lower division. When I played this year, I found the positioning quite easy and I am very good and pressing and running back into defence however, I am not very quick so when my players would sent me a through ball, I couldn't get there in time to do anything useful.

Now the coach has decided to put me as a striker? Does anyone know why this may be the case? I am not bad at striking but there are a tonne of other players that are natural strikers and who are heaps better than me at this. Where do I begin: I am horrible at dribbling, I panic but I am great at passing and pressuring the defenders. When my coach briefed me about the weekends game, he said I want you to be on the last man and pressure everything there to try force an error, so our other players can run through.

It makes me question why he is placing me here? Is it just to be a decoy? I feel like I have so much more to offer on the pitch but when the team and coach doesn't believe in me I am finding it hard to believe in myself and show them who I really am..

Why is he placing me as a striker?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.