now me and my boyfreind have been going out for 2 years now and now the only thing we is doing is argueing back and foward.we sometimes argue over crazy stuff but at the same time the arguements sometimes get out of hand.i love him so much and i want to know what can i do to keep us fromargueing.I took us out to eat and we laughed and when we got home we played with each other,like tickling and playing board games and stuff like that.we always go on cruizes and stuff like that.he has a good job.he works off shore on the rig but at the same time we never spend time with each other everyday or sometimes for a month.he stays out there for a long time..i have my own bueaty salon and barber shop and clothing store and he has his own car shop like spray painting cars and putting desighns on them.i want to know what can i do to keep us from argueing if we are having a baby on the way?