There's a lost and found box where I work. It's mostly garbage that nobody ever comes back for. I spent most of my time throwing it all away as some of the items have been there for 2yrs and even 5yrs. There is even a giant sign that reads "XXXXXXX Is not responsible for lost items." So, I don't understand why the place I work borthers to keep all this stuff. Some of this stuff is disgusting. Like old basecall caps. Lighter I put in the drawer since some people here smoke.

Anyway, if it's been there for awhile whoever wants it keeps it. Found one of those finess watches all the way in the back. Looks like it's been there for awhile and I cannot locate the owner. No note saying if anyone called asking for it.

So, I took it home. Person comes back few days later and ask for it. Told them I took it home since I couldn't locate owner and would return the item for them. Which I did. I returned it.

Now here's the problem. Person is now claiming Ithis was theft. Told them it can't be theft if they lost it almost two weeks ago and there's no way to know who it belongs to. How am I suppose to know who this belongs to? It's not like there's contact info on it.

So, potential problem? Kind of wish I just shoke my head and said "No idea bub". But felt bad and return it since now i know who the owner is.