I'm not sure, but I do have a question. When I was younger, around the age of 9-11, I saw a white spirit. What this spirit did was sit on my couch, it just stared at me. In reflex I thought it was my grandma so I turn around and scream out "Mom!" Then I turn around again and the spirit or "white figure" is gone. I don't know what it is, but ever since I've been having weird occurances in my life. For example, I started to see strange shadow-life figures in the corner of my eye. I also noticed when I was sad, you know like crying very excessively, I would hear footsteps in my room and would turn around and nothing would be there. I also always feel like there is some sort of presence watching me. When ever someone would hurt me in a way after a couple of days they would be either sick or some sort of injury would come to them. This happened very often, maybe because I thought of something bad happening to them for what they did, I don't really know. For example someone would bully me in school, I wasn't really one of the popular kids, just a small time child who was interested in anime and decent at writing. I never had a relationship either. It's almost as if people just aren't attracted to me, or like they're being pushed away by something around me. I also started losing interest in the people around me quickly, like I have till this day. I've also started to become very protective of nature, and even when someone swats a fly or attempts to at lest I would become very angered and protected of said fly. Of course nothing happened to them when an incident like that occurs, or so I believe. Even now I feel as if some sort of entity or presence is watching me. I don't really know if you have any information on all of these occurances. I'm still very young as well, and just another question, after that encounter with the spirit, I started noticing huge changes with my eye sight. I started being able to see these strange colors that would fill my entire vision. For example: One second everything is normal, then I focus on something, start noticing several black dots in a whirlpool formation in the center of my vision appear. Then I look away and my whole vision changes to the color purple. Same when I look into dark areas and groups of trees/nature. Accept when around trees the color is blue. I asked my eye doctor about this, she thought I was just seeing things and didn't really help. So I'm reaching out to you guys, do you know anything about all of this? Thanks!