Laser tattoo removal has a huge societal impact on people in respect to how the world sees them. When a person gets a tattoo for the first time they do not “begin with the end in mind” (Pick a Cool AND Smart Tattoo). They get a tattoo without thinking about how it will look years from the and how people or a business will judge them if the tattoo is not appropriate socially. The tattoo may horribly stretch during pregnancy, make daycare or school events hard with judgmental parents refusing to allow their kids to associate with yours, and according to the New Look Laser tattoo removal Tattoo Removal Guide could affect ones career. Laser tattoo removal allows such socially inappropriate ink to give life back to the person who cannot function socially with the tattoo. The process takes a while and cost money, but if it helps the person have a better life, the cost would be worth to retake ones social life easier. Post- or pre-pregnant women can fix their past butterfly that now looks like a funky bird, that job is obtainable now, and children will not suffer from the stuffy, stuck-up morals parents have with their children’s potential friends. Thus laser tattoo removal has a huge impact on people and how the world sees them.