Okay, im 15 years old and I live in North Carolina. Two years ago, i moved in with my aunt and uncle to get away from my mother who was heavy on drugs. I thought it would be the best decision but now i am getting abused with my aunt as well. My uncle tries to help but he can only do so much because he's only home on the weekends. She hits me, and calls me names. Its getting very hard, and she threatens to send me back to my mother. I have my boyfriend, and he has offered to take me in. His mother has agreed, but since were both under the age of 18 there isnt really anything we can do. And im afraid if i go back to court, the judge will send me to a foster family and i dont want that. So, my question is, is there anyway i could go stay with my boyfriend and his family? Or, since my uncle has custody of me as well, i could stay with me? Im very confused, and im scared to go home somedays. Im not looking for a rude answer, or any negative comments. Can somebody please give me some advice? My aunt DOES have custody of me from my mother. I've already been hospitalized once for cutting and suicide attempts, i dont want to go down that road again.. and the only reason i havent is my boyfriend. Please help.