The angular velocity of the earth around the sun increases, when it comes closer to the sun?

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Yes, so what is your question.

Orbiting is falling. All orbital calculations are based on the law of gravity. So if a body falls from one level to another, it will be going faster, and as it rises to the previous level it will be going slower.

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Yes, linear velocity as well as angular velocity increase as the earth approaches the point of nearest distance to the sun. This is a direct consequence of the planets' obediently abiding by Kepler's 2nd Law ;) , which postulates constant areal velocity, meaning that In a small time dt the planet sweeps out a small triangle having base line r and height r dθ and area dA = 1/2 * r * r dθ and so the constant areal velocity is

dA / dt = 1/2 r² dθ/dt .

['s_laws_of_planetary_motion ]

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