... several elections in this country. Though these have been successful over the years, it may still seem as if there are lots of challenges that they face. Some of which are the issue of wasted ballots which account for a sizeable proportion of the votes cast, under age voters as well as foreigners who may vote.
During the 2012 General Elections, the Electoral Commission in its quest to salvage the situation, the Commission introduced the Biometric Registration component which was welcomed by all and sundry. This could be said to have been the introduction of somehow an Information System (Technology). However, the country still went through a tough time to the extent that we had to go to the Supreme Court for settling.
In your opinion, what could have been differently done? What would you suggest, haven gone through the Information Systems class that the Electoral Commission does, in order to curb the situation of children and foreigners voting with the help of Information Systems? [7 marks]
How do you think the Electoral Commission could solve the issue of wasted ballot with the help of an Information System? [7 marks]
In light of your answers above, what would you say are the requirements the Electoral Commission needs to go through in order to make these systems work effectively and efficiently? [6 marks]