The mass of carbon present in 0.5 mole of K4[Fe(CN)6] is?

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for every mole of the molecule, there are 6 carbons. Find the mass of a mol of carbon, and multiply that by how many moles of carbon you have (remembering that only .5 mols of the molecule is present).

You can also use mass percentages

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The mole is an abbreviated way of speaking of how much substance you have. The formula says you need six moles of carbon to make one mole of potassium ferrocyanide. You have half that much, so 3 moles of carbon. The molecular mass of carbon is 12.011 so 3 moles mass 36.033 grams.

You do have a printed periodic table, right? You can get the information at but you really need your own printed copy to carry with you. It will be a primary reference for everything you do.

You need to be perfectly prepared in arithmetic to do well in chemistry. Get a ruler in your hands. Measure things until you start to understand how a ruler works. Measure some stuff and figure out where the center is. Say you measure a book and it's 7/8" thick. You look at your ruler and see that every eighth is divided into two sixteenths, so obviously half of 7/8" is going to be 7/16". If you write that out you have 1/2 x 7/8 = 7/16. And you notice that 1/2 is divided into 2/4 and then into 4/8 and so on, so you can convert anything to anything by multiplying all the numbers on top and then all the numbers on bottom.

Other rulers are divided into 10 and 100 parts. But an inch is still an inch, so anything on one ruler can be translated to the other ruler. A half inch on one ruler is 5/10 or 50/100 on the other. An eighth inch is just 12.5 marks when you have 100 marks per inch. A metric ruler divides an inch into 25.4 parts, so a half inch would be 12.7 of those parts. Pretty simple, isn't it? Practice this a bit and people will think you went to wizard school.

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