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Calculate tax payable?

In 2008 Siva ltd had taxable profits of Rs 120,000. In the previous year (2007) income tax on 2007 profits had been estimated as Rs 30,000. Required: ...

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ISO - If we are 2015:9001 but our letterhead etc. is 2015:2008 are we in violation?

We are getting something designed.

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In Iron Man, how did Tony Stark get injured?

In the 2008 Iron Man movie starring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, and Jeff Bridges.

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Home - When can I buy a house? Floreclosed in 2008, filed bankruptcy in 2009 (ch 7). It is past?

... three years since my bankruptcy was processed. Can I try to buy a ...

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Google - Which career is better salesforce CRM or software testing? I am a BBA graduate from 2008 n?

... working for non IT sector as a marketing coordinator and willing ...

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Okay in 2008, I met this guy from a friend and we talk on the phone for about week and we decided?

... to meet up. on our first date we got drunk and high and we slept ...

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We purchased a condo in 2006. At the time we were told by the developer and the management that when

... the complex is built and ready we could rent our unit. Later in ...

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