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Ants sprayed acid on me, extreme itching on my hands help!?

I let ants crawl all over my hands a few times, now my hands are red and once in a while they itch like crazy, I scratch but the itching just ...

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Im am a 37 year old male with Acid Reflux and Barrets and alcohol dependency. Whenever theres a?

... night I do not drink, i cannot sleep. I sleep on my side and ...

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Can I use alka- seltzer thingies to make bath fizzies/ bath bombs?

I want to create my own recipe for bath fizzies/bath bombs. Can I use the alka-seltzer thingies ...

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Biology help!?

A piece of mRNA has the code AUGCCAUUGACG. Look at the table. Which amino acids are coded in this strand? methionine, proline, leucine, threonine ...

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What volume of 98% sulphuric acid should be mixed with water to obtain 200mL of 15% solution of?

... sulphuric acid by weight? Given density of H2O =1g/cm3 ,sulphuric ...

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