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Group Acid Boiling Point (oC) Textbook Value (oC) % Error I Formic 100.9 100.8?

... I Octanoic 200 237 II Acetic 123 118 II n-Hexanoic 218 203 III Propanoic 142.4 141.1 III n-Butyric 165.4 163.5 Plot the boiling ...

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How do I perform acid based extraction? Say I have ammonia water epsom salt acetone, and acid?

Well if I have lemon ammonia,acid,epsom salt, and water how would I proceed? But with no chemistry experience i would need it explained for dummies. ...

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Can I use alka- seltzer thingies to make bath fizzies/ bath bombs?

I want to create my own recipe for bath fizzies/bath bombs. Can I use the alka-seltzer thingies ...

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Im am a 37 year old male with Acid Reflux and Barrets and alcohol dependency. Whenever theres a?

... night I do not drink, i cannot sleep. I sleep on my side and ...

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What volume of 98% sulphuric acid should be mixed with water to obtain 200mL of 15% solution of?

... sulphuric acid by weight? Given density of H2O =1g/cm3 ,sulphuric ...

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What is acid rain?

what is acid rain , what is the normal ph level of rain , what turns it from that into acid rain . what ph levels have been recorded for acid rain

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