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What If Adam and Lilith stay together? they were supposed to be equal. What would the world be like?

This is just a theories questions. If they stay together and not eve

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What's the lifespan of Adam and his wife Eve? It might be 504 to 931 years?

The Bible seems to provide the lifespan of Adam(930 years) but not of his wife Eve which I think might be 504 or 931 years?

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Why did God allow, Jesus to be put to death?

After Adam and Eve sin He allow His son to be put to death, why not another person or being to do it?

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How is sin-our fault?

I know it was Adam and Eve's sin-but why does their sin have to affect us. Doesn't God give free will? Why do we have to live with the ...

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The tree of knowledge?

Since Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge and were given the sense of right and wrong, did we get the potential of becoming as smart as God ...

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If god created Adam and Eve, as the first man and woman and Cain and Able were their sons, don't?

... remember if there were any daughters. Wouldn't they have had ...

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