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What is the difference between Irfanview and Adobe photoshop?

What exactly is the difference?Aren't they both used for image editing?can one be used as a substitute for other?Please state the differences.

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How to change the default font from Myriad pro to something else in case of missing font?

When you open a document in photoshop and if a font is missing, it will change the text back to Myriad Pro. Can we change those settings? So that the ...

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I need a good computer..what do you suggest?

I use the adobe cs6 programs a lot specifically the photoshop+premiere and I have 18 other Adobe programs such as after ...

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Where can I download Photoshop CS3 that doesn't have a virus?

I want to get photoshop for my computer and I know how to use CS3, I looked on Adobe but couldn't find ...

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Is it legal to use the student version of adobe Flash Professional CS5 to make money?

If I want to find a job using Flash Professional do I have to get the regular ...

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If I know ZERO about Adobe PhoShp, where can I go to learn from the beginning??

I was given Adobe CS4. I've never made a point of learning, purchasing Adobe ...

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