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Will I get Entry Level Separated - Air Force?

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this. I'm going for an AFSC that requires a flight physical which I failed for a low blood ...

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What sneakers should I get?

I was thinking vans, Jordan’s, Air Force ones, etc. What do you think?

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Need to lose weight for the air force?

I'm 70 inches and 240 pounds. I need to get to 191 pounds to join the air force. I have 2 years but I want to work on it now. ...

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What is the coast guard oath?

It Happened in July 8 July 1791-Secretary of Treasury authorizes collectors of customs to disburse for cutters and to pay officers as ...

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Hi I'm trying to join the Air Force and I have bunions on both my feet and I'm going to MEPS in a little bit and a ...

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Considering joining the Air Force, need some advice.?

Well here is my situation. Last year I was laid off and while unemployed I went back to college and got an ...

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Army branch transfer to Navy or Air force? green to blue?

I'm a SPC in the army. I'm considering reclassification(getting a new job and reenlisting) or going to ...

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