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It is widely understood that drug and alcohol use disproportionately affect young people. Define?

... problematic drug use and discuss the effect that this has on students at University

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Is it painful to die of an alcohol and flu medicine overdose? Is alcohol poisoning painful as well?

Please I don't want sympathy or anything just let me know please

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How much fragrance oil and perfumers alcohol needed for 2 oz Glass bottle (60ml)?

I'm asking because I'm kinda confused about the ratio for this.

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Please describe how you would display a passion for Liquor?

For a job application selling alcohol.

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Can wine taste like soy sauce? french wine taste like soy, italian taste like grape juice alcohol?

people talk about wine and how great it is, but i find it difficult to ...

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Im am a 37 year old male with Acid Reflux and Barrets and alcohol dependency. Whenever theres a?

... night I do not drink, i cannot sleep. I sleep on my side and ...

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Can someone get drunk off of two beers?

For a story I'm writing. The kid is under-aged, depressed. He is 17 years old, 5'10'', 140 lbs, and lean. The ...

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I wanna get wasted in my room I'm 16 I've never been drunk before will I or my room smell like alcho

It's my 16 birthday my parents are strict but I got sumone to ...

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