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What is the movie that shows a scene showing the origin of life comes from aliens seeding earth?

The movie shows one or more characters watching a projection that shows aliens seeding earth and then life evolves from there

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Looking for a sci-fi series?

Series opens up with people in the water and one by one an alien like being tells them they have been revived by their dna and its now far into the ...

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What “belief system” do I follow?

I believe in Science. Science has neither proven or disproven the experience of Ghosts, God, Aliens, among other things. So when people ask do I ...

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What do you think about year 2012?

will be the end of the world? will start the WWIII? will the technology be advanced ? will we contact with aliens? will be chancing in ...

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Who would win a fight...alien or dinosores ?

oh wow think this crazy imagen its a real thing a aliens from a planets come to earth and does a fight egenst the dinosore ( ...

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Could we be the aliens?

Is it possible that in fact us humans are aliens to this planet? Could we have arrived here to the era of the caveman ? Could we have been an ...

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Assuming intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe how many planets in total are inhabited?

I believe intelligent life currently exists on other planets and is ...

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Which movie is better? Alien (1979) or Orphan (2009)?

My friends and I want to watch a horror movie and we can't decide which one to watch?

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