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I have noticed people's eyes in pictures are dark after they have passed away, is this true?

When I see pictures of people while still alive, you can see the true color of their eyes, but when they have passed when I look at their pictures, ...

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Dad died.Now I dream he is alive then dies again?

My dad died 8 yrs ago. Early this morning i had a dream that we were at a huge hotel like building, may be about 20 floors high. A sudden weird storm ...

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I just told my boyfriend I was once a victim of rape. He's mad b/c I never told him, what do I do?

I've been on a great and wonderful relationship with the greatest ...

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Life after death?

So it has recently been proven that the genes in certain organisms stay alive after the death of that organism. It includes a story about the genes ...

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Where can I find a baby doll, thats "lifelike" in SC? My lil girl wants one for Christmas?

weve tried walmart,toys r us and the mall.weve had no alive is ...

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What old movie is this: father is in plane crash over snowly mountains; two sons? try to find him?

the plain was yellow (?) and small. The boys were teenagers? And ...

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