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My boyfriend has an obsessive ex-girlfriend that won't leave him alone. What should he do?

My boyfriend is an angel. He wouldn't say anything rude to anyone, which includes his ex. This is a problem because he doesn't want to be ...

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On the show Supernatural, the angel Gadreel let the serpent into the garden.

Does this have any truth to it?

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What is the difference between humans and angels?

Both have free will and are able to sin, so what is the difference?

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How can I help my friend from being abused?

I have this friend who is like an angel but her dad all ways hits her with a BELT she always has brusies and the bad part was ...

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Do you believe in guardian angels?

Many believe that we have a guardian angel. What do you think? What does the Bible says?

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Name for a story about angels and demons?

I'm writing a story about angels and demons, where the main character is a demon. So the whole point is portraying demons ...

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