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I put my question in the detail box because there ain't enough space here?

I have and old phone that can't turn on so I decided to take it apart for fun. I saw the phone's "motherboard" still had the ...

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Origin of term chicken grip?

In my exercise class we want to know the origin of the term chicken grip when we grip both fingers and try and pull our hands apart.

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How to get out of the us army asap?

The army keeps putting out that its downsizing thousands of soldiers and a lot of budget cuts. How can I be apart of the downsizing of ...

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Ok well I love my bf, and I texted him 4 times, and I got no answer back, Is he ignoring me?

He loves me and I love him too. We haven't seen eachother like for 4 ...

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Is it okay for a 25 year old girl to date a 17 year old guy. No sex. Look 4 yr apart. Same height?

They are awesome together. She doesn't drink and they just love ...

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