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Think about your appearance (artifacts,dress,body type,and attractiveness).What messages do you?

... think these nonverbal codes say about you to a complete stranger? How do we try to shape the way others see us by using these nonverbal codes ...

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If a disease gene produces,a mutation is call white skin.Are whites mutants If blacks R colored ?

In 2005 genetics discovered and showed the mutation of a disease gene accounts for the abnormality,appearance of the disorder called white skin. Base ...

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Hi, I have some problems with my boyfriend at the moment. He is worried about his appearance all the

... time, in my opinion he has a really handsome face and everything although, what bothers him is that he has had a deformity since he was young, ...

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Help!! Need to attract guys?

I'm 12 turning 13 and I really want to attract guys. I am flat chested and invisgle to most guys. I want to change my appearance and was ...

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Why is God's appearance beyond human understanding? I know why but I mean, why can't we understand?

It says in scripture that God created us in his image, and this made ...

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Should I stay in relationship if Im embarrassed by my boyfriend?

I love my boyfriend and his company, however i'm embarrassed by his appearance. And the way others ...

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What will happen if I undergo plastic surgery to raise my nose when I have a chin that juts out?

i'm an asian girl and i'm extremely consious about my ...

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Kpop Auditon? (YG/JYP/SM/CUBE/Ect..?)?

I dont plan on auditioning at the moment, because I'm still working on my singing and dancing. So about me: Im 13 from USA ...

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