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Cashing check?

I have a check to cash but my ID expired on the 31st of March and it's April 2 . Is there a way to cash it? I need the money to renew my ID.

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How many times do I need to feed a newborn pup?

I have a newborn pup (4 or 5 days old as of april 9th) how many times a day will I need to feed it and how much? I have a 5 mL seiringe (I cant ...

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Pension - if I haven't filed my Income taxes by April 30th will it affect my CPP cheque?

Will I get my April welfare and continue with May CPP if I file it on April 25th?

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No period for 2 months help!?

I came off the pill (cezerette) at the end of march 2012, came on my period on 4th April 2012. I haven't had a period now for 2 months. ...

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I love a girl who is in my tuition and her birthday is on9th of april and can I propose her?

she lives beside my apartments and she is a hindu and i think she doubts ...

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