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How can I unlock my Cricket LG Fortune? It asks for a SIM network unlock pin?

When I try to use it with AT&T it asks for some type of SIM network unlock pin number?

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Why would they shut off my cell phone if its not part of internet and cable deal?

AT&T is messing with me and have turned off my phone. It stems from the bum deal I got on my internet but my phone is separate. I talked to three ...

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Does Verizon stores slow down AT&T users?

I have an IPhone 7S, and have had it for a little over 5 months. It works amazingly, and at home I have 286 Megabytes down. Whenever I go around town ...

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Telesales CPE Chargebacks?

i bought a cellphone from craigslist, and i was called at&t check the IMEI number, everything is good, so i bought it. after 2 weeks i try ...

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My galaxy s3 keeps deleting music from my sd card, how do I make it stop?

I have an at&t galaxy s3, with a 32 gig micro sd card in it. I keep downloading music to the ...

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When you buy an iPhone do you have to sign up with a company right away?

Okay, so here's the thing. I might be getting an iPhone soon and I was wondering if when I ...

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What does a phone charge "38.93 CR mean?

Just got my last bill from AT&T post paid account and it says Total new charges 38.93CR. THEN , it actually says ...

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